Story #56 Tiffany Martinez

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Story #56

Staff Profile: Tiffany Martinez

Tiffany Martinez, Care Coordinator at BronxWorks Community Health Home, helps put her clients on a path to a stable and healthy life. She meets with clients in their homes, arranges medical appointments, helps them with housing issues, and connects them to resources they might not have known existed.

Tiffany also remembers the little things, like her clients' birthdays. "I called a client recently and said, 'Sam,* do you know what day it is tomorrow? It's your birthday!'" Tiffany wants more than stability for her clients, she wants to make them happy.
Tiffany started at BronxWorks nearly five years ago, not long after she received her Bachelor's from New York City College of Technology in Brooklyn. While in school, Tiffany worked at a storage facility and did not have a background in non-profit work.
"BronxWorks helped me start my career. I was grateful they took a chance with me," she says.

Tiffany's favorite part of her job is watching her clients grow. "I love seeing the progress that my clients make," she says. Sam, the client mentioned earlier, was a particularly successful case for Tiffany. Sam was referred to BronxWorks as a frequent Emergency Room visitor. When Tiffany first met her, Sam was reluctant to seek medical attention for her substance abuse issues. Tiffany persuaded Sam to get help. Tiffany also coordinated Sam's medical appointments, spoke with her about substance abuse, and worked with the BronxWorks Homeless Outreach Team on her housing situation. Now, Sam is living independently in Brooklyn, and is grateful to Tiffany for all of her help.

"I really appreciate getting acknowledgements from
the clients. Sometimes we may be their only support,"
Tiffany says.
Growing up, she always knew she wanted to help people as an adult and is very empathetic. Tiffany is considering attending graduate school for Social Work. When she's not assisting clients, Tiffany enjoys spending time with her nine-year-old daughter.
*Client name has been changed.
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