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Story #62

BronxWorks Welcomes Atlas Corps Fellows

BronxWorks proudly announces our new partnership with Atlas Corps! Founded in 2006, Atlas Service Corps, Inc. (Atlas Corps) is an international network of social sector leaders and organizations that promotes innovation, cooperation, and global solutions. The Atlas Corps mission is to address critical social issues by developing leaders, strengthening organizations, and promoting innovation through an overseas fellowship of skilled non-profit professionals. Atlas Corps engages leaders committed to the non-profit sector in 12 to 18-month professional fellowships at organizations to learn best practices, build organizational capacity, and return home to create a network of global change makers.
The decision to partner with Atlas was based on the Agency's desire to expand capacity and learn from global neighbors. "I am excited that BronxWorks has the opportunity to work with Atlas Corps fellows, who will help offer new and diverse perspectives on how we can continue to live our mission," said Eileen Torres, Executive Director. We are pleased to welcome Christine Wachira, Muhammad Abdullah Arshad, and Shodunke Joshua Mayowa to BronxWorks.
Born in Nairobi, Kenya, Atlas Fellow Christine Wachira joined the BronxWorks staff in August as Executive Coordinator, working directly for Eileen Torres. Christine has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Catholic University, East Africa. After working in Information Technology, she decided to shift careers and pursue an Executive Master's degree in Developmental Policies and Procedures from the Graduate Institute of Geneva. Most recently, Christine worked as a Research and Policy Officer for an international organization. When asked why she is participating in the Atlas Program, Christine explained,

"The program provides a terrific opportunity to grow professionally and to give back. After spending a year at an organization that is as diverse as BronxWorks, I hope that I will have a greater sense of where I would like to specialize as I advance my career."
Christine said that she quickly adjusted to the hustle and bustle of New York City because Nairobi is similarly fast-paced. She is taking advantage of her time here and especially enjoyed a boat tour she took recently, which offered memorable views of the Manhattan skyline at night.
Muhammad Abdullah Arshad also joined BronxWorks in August as an Atlas Corps Fellow. He hails from Lahore, Pakistan, where he recently worked for a public-private partnership as part of their executive team.  Abdullah has a diverse educational background, having earned a BBA in Finance and Environmental Policy, an MBA in Marketing from the Lahore School of Economics, and a Law Degree from the University of Punjab in Pakistan. Abdullah is a member of the BronxWorks Quality Assurance Team and is thrilled to bring his experience to the Agency, having worked in similar roles in Pakistan. While he appreciates the sights and sounds of five boroughs, Abdullah also enjoys visiting other cities on the East Coast, such as Washington D.C. and Boston, which he described as "calm and peaceful."  He loved the seafood in Boston, and as a self-proclaimed foodie, Abdullah is also excited by all of the culinary opportunities New York City has to offer. "My uncle spent some time in the Northeast, so I am often in touch with him for a great recommendation. So far, artichoke pizza is a big favorite," he said.
Finally, Shodunke Joshua Mayowa joined BronxWorks this month as an Employment Specialist, Youth Education & Workforce Programs. Joshua hails from Nigeria and earned his Bachelor of Science in Economics. He founded BIP Tycoon Consults, a human capital development company that trains youth in career development, business branding, employability and entrepreneurship. Joshua hopes that his experience as an Atlas Fellow will help him to reach his goal to "impact 1 billion people through trainings by working with top organizations and improving my enterprise," he said. Christine, Muhammad, and Shodunke are making the most of their time here at BronxWorks, which will provide invaluable professional experience as they move forward in their careers.
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