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Andrew Lin, Development Associate, BronxWorks

Andrew Lin relocated to New York City while pursuing his Master's degree in International Relations at New York University. After graduating, he worked in an education technology startup before joining BronxWorks in 2016 as the Executive Coordinator for Eileen Torres, Executive Director. Seeking program experience, in 2018 Andrew became the Program Developer for the Supportive Housing and Care Coordination Department. In September 2020, Andrew joined the Development Department as the Development Associate. 

"I went to graduate school to study ways that I could expand my impact, particularly in the areas of economic development and poverty alleviation. When I joined BronxWorks, I found an organization with similar mindset and mission."

During his time as the Executive Coordinator, Andrew managed a number of administrative tasks, which included coordinating a myriad of meetings with staff, senior leadership, the Board of Directors, and external stakeholders; managing agency databases and systems; receiving communications and drafting outgoing communications; supporting the agency's Strategic Planning Process; and completing different tasks assigned by the BronxWorks Executive Director. As the Program Developer for the Supportive Housing Department, Andrew provided administrative and operational support to the department's many programs, submitted successful applications for new supportive housing programs, and oversaw the Opioid Overdose Prevention Program, which teaches people to administer Narcan/Naloxone and distributes Narcan nasal spray kits to vulnerable BronxWorks clients and other members of the community. 

"BronxWorks has given me the opportunity to contribute as a part of several different teams and to learn and develop different skills toward the goal of serving members of our communities that could use that crucial little bit of help."

Now as the Development Associate, Andrew looks forward to applying his skills and diverse knowledge of BronxWorks to implement fundraising, communications, and outreach initiatives. "I think about our community members, especially those who are underrepresented and vulnerable, that have been affected by the pandemic. I think about the important events that have occurred this year and the events that are still to come, and I think that the work we do at BronxWorks is more important than ever."

Outside of work, Andrew loves to read, write, and explore both urban and natural landscapes. He is an avid cyclist, snowboarder, and traveler. "This is the most interesting time to work in development. We, just like everybody else, have to adapt to the new environment and find a way to succeed." He plans to continue to learn in his new position to support vital non-profit work.

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